Insurance Repairs

We understand
the insurance

Insurance Repairs

We understand
the insurance

Bridging the insurance gap

Giving heart to our
stakeholders when they
need it most

Tenon’s insurance solutions are unmatched in balancing cost-effective, customer service and quality solutions for insurers with the sensitivity that can bring ease to troubled policyholders. From emergency make-safes and building repairs, the Tenon insurance model is a one-stop shop that is professional, effective and time-sensitive. Above all else, Tenon is dedicated to ensuring our unique model can be applied in even the most vigorous and demanding circumstances, integrating our evolving operating systems so that we can work smarter and more closely with all our insurance partners.

We understand
the priorities.

Tenon bridges the much languished emotional gap in the insurance sector, providing a full range service that insurers can feel confident with and policy holders comforted by.


With our client service management systems, Tenon ensures that both insurer and end user can communicate openly with our teams. We keep things transparent.

make safe

With a 4 hour response time and Tenon’s leading make-safe emergency repair services, our clients can rest assured their homes and businesses are safe and risk free as quickly as possible.


At Tenon, we place a strong emphasis on our customer service, providing solutions that both the insured and insurer can feel represented by.


When it comes to repair work, Tenon ensures a quality that is upheld to the highest standards, making sure our work is done right the first time round so our stakeholders can have the peace of mind they deserve.

A scalable model to meet the demands
of our insurance partners.

As a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary business, Tenon supplies it’s insurance services across a wide array of areas. From home to workplace insurance, the Tenon team is committed to applying it’s simple, fuss-free model with insurance partners.

Catastrophe &
large scale events

At Tenon, we understand that sometimes no one can foresee the damages that large scale events and catastrophes can cause. We are geared with the resources, mentality and the ability to scale our team to ensure the best response in the worst circumstances.

Scaling across
all sizes

From the largest jobs to the smallest, Tenon is driven to provide the right service for the right job. Our priority management, end-user sensitivity and driven mindset equips us with everything necessary to ensure we can answer the call to any job, no matter the size.


With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and plans to continue expansion, Tenon is always adapting to ensure it is the first option for insurers across Australia. We are committed to insurance maintenance and repairs for a clientele that needs a service partner that goes beyond.

Servicing all

Our expertise across residential, commercial and industrial repair work makes Tenon the smart choice for insurers whose policies cover a wide range of insurance scenarios. Tenon prides itself on being a one-stop-shop, bringing an all-in-one service to insurers and end-users alike.

Tenon is dedicated to growth and is committed to providing future proof solutions for organisations nationwide.

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