The standard in
insurance and
government repairs

The standard in insurance and
government repairs

We are changing the
insurance and repairs
industry where it matters

We’ve taken an
adaptive approach

Tenon is an insurance and government repairs company unlike any other, providing access to practical and innovative solutions that go beyond industry standards. Exclusive to large scale portfolios, Tenon’s work is underpinned by a simple and innovative philosophy - that the best responses are streamlined and unified. With fuss-free repairs, our clients never really feel like they had an issue to begin with, and can operate with effortless ease.

How we’re revolutionising
the industry.

At Tenon, we believe the repairs process should be fuss-free. We provide a set of services that innovate at a fundamental level, providing our clients access to repair solutions that go beyond, managing expectations one repair at a time.


We provide a multifaceted approach to our repair solutions, ensuring that any and all of our clients needs can be met with a simple and streamlined set of services.

Tailored operating

At Tenon, we understand that not every client is the same. We tailor our operating system around the workflow procedures of our clients, ensuring effortless ease.

4 hour emergency
response time

Tenon is committed to a 4 hour response time to emergency repair call outs, eliminating safety risks alongside the financial and emotional burden that damages can cause.

job tracking

Our online portal gives our clients access to advanced job tracking, bringing the repair process into the 21st century and ensuring the industry is accountable to the demands of today.


A clear and transparent line of communication between all parties is what allows us to perform our work effectively. That is our benchmark for excellence in insurance and repairs.


Our attentiveness to our work is what makes Tenon a cut above the rest. We place as much emphasis on the smallest jobs as we do the largest, giving our clients peace of mind where it counts.

We keep
things simple.

We’ve broken down our services into three key steps, setting ourselves apart from our competitors by making our clients’ repair challenges a whole lot simpler.



When we receive a job through our online portal, we open a direct line of contact with our clients, removing the guesswork by keeping them updated every step of the way.



We pride ourselves on carrying out our repairs on time, ensuring that communication with our clients are always transparent and our work is held to the highest standards.



A job only ends when our clients are satisfied. We provide all the required reports and follow up with our clients through our online portal. We consider the job complete, for good.

Insurance Repairs

Our partnership with insurance vendors provides both insurers and their clients with a one stop solution to emergency inspections, repairs and reports, providing a response that bridges the gap between insurer efficiency and the emotional investment of their policy holders.

Government Repairs

At the heart of our business, our set of government repairs services are grounded in a new age dedication to reliability and efficiency. With fuss-free quoting and seamless integration with our clients' requirements, our government repairs solutions are industry-leading.

As a business dedicated to change, we want to revolutionise the insurance and repairs industry by providing our community stakeholders, services they can count on time and time again.

As a business dedicated to change, we want to revolutionise the maintenance and repairs industry by providing our community stakeholders, services they can count on time and time again.

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