Government Repairs

For our most

Government Repairs

For our most

Improving lives one
repair at a time

Ensuring community
homes can be there
for the vulnerable

At Tenon, we are committed to ensuring our adaptive maintenance and repair solutions are available to all those who need it, especially those in community housing. With tens of thousands of homes already in our maintenance schedule, Tenon is equipped to handle all repairs and maintenance on government owned properties, providing our unmatched and tailored processes for our most vulnerable community members. We take pride in taking measures to maintain and improve the condition of each property, working alongside our government partners to prepare and restore vacant properties, perform routine repairs and respond to emergency situations.

A solution for
every need

Tenon’s full range of government repair and maintenance solutions ensures our most vulnerable community members have the support they need when they need it.


Planned maintenance is our insurance policy against common maintenance concerns. We undertake planned works to reduce the risk of urgent requests, striving to improve the condition of each property so that they can continue to improve the lives of residents.

Vacant Property

Liaising with our governmental partners, Tenon performs inspections on end of lease properties, advising on scope of works and undertaking planned maintenance and repairs, ensuring properties can be re-leased as soon as possible.


At Tenon, we understand the risk that emergency situations pose on the health, safety and security risks of residents. We respond to all emergency repairs, from electrical faults and gas leaks, to water loss and sewer overflows, taking prompt action to eliminate any further risk.


Performing routine repairs ensures the ongoing upkeep and functionality of community homes. We provide ongoing support, tailoring non-urgent, routine repair works to be carried out within a 28 day time frame, repairing anything from broken cupboard doors to leaking windows.

We understand
the priorities.

Our commitment to innovation and change ensures the facilities maintenance sector continues to benefit from our model. Tenon was formed by an understanding of industry pain-points, and that is why we strive to change expectations.

operating systems

At Tenon, when it comes to facility maintenance, our ability to tailor our operating systems based on the job at hand is what allows us to use our resources more effectively. Our solutions are designed for problems that are specific to our clients and our focus is always on adaption.

Customising the
report process

Like our operating systems, our reporting systems are completely customisable to our clients. At Tenon, we understand that not every business is the same, and can produce reports that let our clients know about the details they need to know about. Our reporting process is your process.

our clients

At Tenon, everything we do stems from our understanding of our clients and giving them what they need to continue unheeded. From our facilities and insurance partners, to our work with vulnerable residents through our community housing maintenance, we put every resource we have into developing systems and procedures to ensure we meet their every need. Understanding our clients is how we innovate.

Streamlined &

Creating streamlined and seamless maintenance solutions is the cornerstone of our business model. Alongside our industry leading quoting model, the ability to scale and adapt to the needs of our large scale clientele allows us to save time and spend our resources where they need to be spent - on our clients.

Tenon is dedicated to growth and is committed to providing future proof repairs solutions for businesses and properties nationwide.

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